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The inspiration for the Silent Minute was born on a battlefield near Jerusalem in World War I when an officer who knew he would not survive the war asked his comrade to find a way for him, and the millions like him, to assist daily from the “other side” through the power of Silence to end a greater war he saw coming.

That way became the Big Ben Silent Minute launched in World War II. Its daily rhythmic impact was acknowledged as significant in assisting to end the war and in demonstrating the awesome power of Silence as a spiritual weapon.

Today, the Global Silent Minute is galvanizing Humanity to recognize the necessity to embed a new paradigm to create the culture of peace so that challenges and conflicts are resolved before they escalate to violence.

The Global Silent Minute invites us to pause in Silence to recalibrate to a deeper, holistic perspective where our united focus impacts evolution.

Knowing that two concordant thoughts increase their power seven-fold, imagine millions of concordant thoughts igniting the Fire of Love at the Heart of Humanity.

Let us take this daily opportunity to utilize Silence as Action with the shared intention for global cooperation, peace and freedom.
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Daily at 9:00pm GMT

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Triangles for World Peace was held at 11:00pm GMT on April 17, 2021

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Global Silent Minute:
Live Coverage of 2019 GSM Event

Global Silent Minute was launched on 21st December 2019 as a once only event to create a planetary pause to recalibrate Humanity to its true destiny within the Universe. In recognition of its restorative, revitalizing impact, Global Silent Minute has continued as a daily practice. We see 2020 as the year in which this daily rhythm will be anchored throughout the planet. In the face of global challenges, to meet together daily for one minute of silence - the exact same minute everywhere - enables us to harness the power of cooperation both sides of the veil for global cooperation, peace and freedom.
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To assist with your daily practice we have created a clip which begins with an Elephant Temple Bell, is followed by an exact minute of Silence and ends with the sounding of a Tibetan singing bowl twelve times. The Elephant Temple Bell calls us into the Silence and the sounding of the Tibetan bowl allows for the distribution of the energy for the common good. All you need to do is to press play 20 seconds prior to 9:00 pm GMT calibrated to your local time-zone and enter the Silence.
Amidst the challenges we face today, the Global Silent Minute is an opportunity to unite in thought, prayer, and meditation to create the future we imagine. The minute begins with the ringing of bells everywhere, as together we enter into one silent minute, calling on humanity to fulfill its highest potential and greatest destiny: peace on Earth.

The Global Silent Minute is inspired by the Silent Minute launched in WWII in London during the blitz as a call to citizens to unite daily in a silent minute for peace and freedom. Millions participated, and its success was acknowledged after the war as a “secret weapon” which the Germans could not counter. Today, our Global Silent Minute will be a powerful force in the creation of a better world for all.
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Ring the Bells and Enter the Silence

The annual Solstice Global Silent Minute dates and times are:

December 21

  • 1:00pm Los Angeles
  • 3:00pm Mexico City
  • 4:00pm New York & Toronto
  • 6:00pm Buenos Aires
  • 9:00pm London
  • 10:00pm Geneva & Vatican City
  • 11:00pm Cape Town & Jerusalem

December 22

  • 12:00am Moscow
  • 12:30am Tehran
  • 2:00am Islamabad
  • 2:30am New Delhi
  • 4:00am Bangkok
  • 5:00am Beijing
  • 6:00am Tokyo
  • 8:00am Sydney

Join together in one minute of global, potent, cooperative Silence to create a better world for all.

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